Growing up an only child, Sonja J. Holt was told that she could do anything she wanted to do and be anything she wanted to be. She believed what she was told and did whatever she put her mind to do.

For over 11 years Sonja was in a relationship that was toxic and abusive. During those years of dysfunction she lost her individuality, developed low self-esteem and told herself she deserved the treatment she was experiencing. Two years after leaving the relationship she was introduced to personal development. She began applying the principles and using the tools she was learning. In no time the way that she saw herself started evolving, which led to her life transformation. Going through various trials in life, Sonja questioned her purpose. Why did she have to endure some of the pains and obstacles that she faced?

Seeing how personal growth transformed her life, she started helping others and sharing the power of self development. Sonja discovered her purpose - To empower, inspire, educate and be a resource to women who desire change in their lives. Her passion and purpose led her to joining the John Maxwell Team.

Sonja is a trained Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate and Preventionist. She is dedicated to educating and bringing awareness to various social justice issues. She has been seen on NBC 12, CBS 6, Comcast Cable and featured in publications such as CEO Magazine, Style Weekly and Bloomberg.

As a personal development coach and trainer, Sonja brings to the table compassion, a rational voice, and more than 20 years of experience coaching, leading and developing individuals, businesses and teams. Sonja is a Wounded Healer with the ability to see directly into issues and understand others' perspectives.

Sonja is also an author and Founder of charitable organization, Second Chance At Renewing Self, Inc. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and possesses a passion for serving people. 

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Additional Certifications

  • Certified Career Coach

  • Certified First Aid & CPR Instructor

  • Certified in Mental Health First Aid

  • Certified Thinking for a Change Instructor

Be the change that you want to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi